Development Plan - For the Curious

Posted by Marina Samuel on Wed 24 February 2010

For starters, this is NOT what my permanent blog will look like. I simply decided to make a couple of quick changes on here to keep my audience interested (assuming I have some form of audience). A few people here and there told me I should not leave my pages “Under Construction”. The most interesting comment I got from someone was “Under Construction pages are SO 1998″. So this current “blog” is a temporary fix. However in this blog entry I will be discussing my development plans for the rest of the term.

1. Disney's Ditzy Destructor - Flash Game

I have not touched this project in WEEKS. Not intentionally of course. PDENG + learning basic Web Development + 2 different projects at work (quite…interesting…projects, if I may add, but details for a later blog) == me not having enough time!

In any case, thus far I have Disney’s Ditzy Destructor (a sadistic Minnie Mouse) walking around her magical kingdom of doom with a fully functional gun and excellent jumping skills. Her kingdom currently consists of algorithmically randomized blocks which she can not yet jump on…BAM that’s where I stopped, right in the middle of figuring out collision detection. I was under the impression that I could come up with my own collision detection methods without any research, but after realizing that this may take a while I figured the smarter thing to do would be to use some existing collision detection classes for the time being and possibly going back later and creating my own from scratch (for learning purposes of course). So I don’t want to spoil any more details about my plans for the game but keep an eye out in Personal Projects for my (hopefully) upcoming first version of the game!

2) This Website!

I’d like to focus on #1 for the next few weeks so you won’t see any major updates on here except hopefully some new ghetto-ly displayed blog posts every once in a while. However, today I added a couple of small new changes (including this) which I’ll leave up to followers to discover. I also have a couple of major things in mind that I will hopefully get around to soon:

  • Getting together enough content from old and new work in order to populate my Personal Projects link
  • Creating a REAL blog – I’d like to make one from scratch

3) This Blog!

So I’ve only learned a tiny bit of php/SQL so far and the point of making a blog engine from scratch would be to become more familiar with both. Well, creating this entire website was about learning html/css/php/SQL since I didn’t know very much about any of them. In any case, I’m not sure if I’ll get to this one any time soon but it’s definitely a goal.

So I believe that is all for this blog. I’ll try to come up with a decent/temporary hack when I want to add another blog entry. I also need to add some form of temporary commenting mechanism for these blogs. HOWEVER, for the time being, you are all welcome to leave a comment in Feedback about this blog entry if you’d like.